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ALL ABOUT ME. What an arrogant concept.

I’m learning that I want to learn, and that’s taught me that I’m unable to stay put for more than a few years. Therefore I’ve started to leave a trail of annoyed and seemingly offended friends in my wake. This appears to be one of the major drawbacks with this crazy modern life that so many twenty/thirty somethings feel that they have to lead. This little blog is going to start with the sole purpose of keeping those people vaguely up to date with my general whereabouts and daily pursuits/thoughts/observations. In time, it might evolve into something far more than that, but I ain’t making promises that I can’t keep.

Yeah, in actual fact, I’m lazy, and this should help me reduce the amount of emails that I have to write.

So, as my immediate future is always pretty unplanned, so will this blog be. And, as I’m pretty excited about my immediate future, I guess that means this blog should be. Content wise though, I intend to show a little bit of what keeps me ticking from the web, as well as some shots or news of what I’m doing, where, and (maybe) with who!

So if you got this far, feel free to post, comment, or whatever else one does on a blog.

Come back soon!


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